Step Marketing 123 is a consulting service for the small and medium sized businesses that offers complete marketing management programs. Many businesses are operating too close to the bone to spend thousands of dollars on general hit-or-miss marketing campaigns.

Many business owners need strategy guidance to capture the power of the internet and its remarkable marketing capabilities. We have ideas and programs for both online and offline marketing.

Consider these thoughts
  • Do I want or need more customers?
  • Am I concerned about the future of my company?
  • Is my company really providing for my needs or the needs of my family?
  • Has spendable cash diminished over the last few years?
  • Am I taking care of my employees?
  • How many dollars does it take to meet 1 new customer with my current marketing?
  • Have I ever worked with a dedicated marketer?
  • Am I capable of taking advice and suggestions from a dedicated marketer?
  • Would I benefit from a cost-effective marketing strategy?
  • Would I be willing to work with a professional who respects my input as a business owner?
  • Do I go to sleep excited about my business, or worried about it?

Let us help you. Call us today! 413-221-6805

Step Marketing 123 will guide you through the processes of developing a workable, affordable set of “Step Campaigns” using both modern and conventional marketing methods.

Our system ranges from identifying your “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) and assessing your current operating strategies, to campaigns which will attract new and old customers/clients who will see you as the “Go To” business in your field.

We can help you in a consultant capacity, or actively participate in implementation of your campaigns. We do prefer a “hands on” involvement… that is the fun part for us!

However you choose to work with us, you will be amazed with what we can accomplish with a realistic outlay!

We will invest in a FREE consult with you to help to determine your needs.

Simply fill out the easy contact invitation through the tab to the left and we will get back to you quickly.

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